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We provide meals at the following schools:

For more information about your school lunch menu, food service policies, and lunch prepay, click on your school from the list below.

New York

Clinton County

  • W.H. Miner Institute

Franklin County

  • Chateaugay Central School

Montgomery County

  • Amsterdam High School
  • William H. Barkley MicroSociety Magnet School
  • Marie Curie Institute of Engineering and Communications
  • R.J. McNulty Academy for International Studies and Literacy Magnet School
  • William B. Tecler Arts in Education Magnet School
  • Wilbur H. Lynch Literacy Academy
  • St. Mary’s Institute


Addison County

  • Leicester Central School
  • Mary Hogan Elementary School
  • Middlebury Middle School
  • Middlebury High School
  • Orwell Village School
  • Whiting Elementary School

Bennington County

  • Bennington Elementary School
  • Mount Anthony Plus Program
  • Mount Anthony Union High School
  • Mount Anthony Union Middle School
  • Molly Stark Elementary School
  • Monument Elementary School
  • Village School of North Bennington
  • Pownal Elementary School
  • Sacred Heart School
  • Shaftsbury Elementary School
  • Sunderland Elementary
  • Woodford Hollow School

Caledonia County

  • Burke Town School
  • Lyndon Town School
  • Newark School
  • Sutton Town School

Chittenden County

  • Christ the King School
  • Rice Memorial High School
  • JFK Elementary School – Winooski
  • Winooski Middle School
  • Winooski High School
  • St. Francis Xavier School

Essex County

  • Canaan Elementary School
  • Canaan High School

Franklin County

  • BFA St. Albans High School
  • BFA Fairfax Middle School
  • BFA Fairfax High School
  • BFA Fairfax Elementary School
  • Fairfield Center School
  • Fletcher Elementary
  • Georgia Elementary and Middle School
  • Highgate Elementary School
  • Missisquoi Valley Union Middle/High School
  • Sheldon Elementary School
  • Soar Learning Center
  • St. Albans City School
  • St. Albans Town Educational Center
  • Swanton Elementary School

Grand Isle County

  • Grand Isle Elementary School
  • North Hero Elementary School
  • Isle La Motte

Lamoille County

  • Cambridge Elementary School
  • Johnson Elementary School

Orleans County

  • Charleston Elementary School
  • Newport City School
  • North Country Union Junior High School
  • North Country Union High School

Orange County

  • Waits River Valley School
  • Oxbow High School
  • Orange Center School
  • Washington Village School
  • Williamstown Elementary
  • Williamstown Middle & High School
  • Rutland County – Vermont
  • Barstow Memorial School
  • Benson Village School
  • Castleton Elementary School
  • Castleton Village School
  • Fair Haven Grade School
  • Fair Haven Union High School
  • Lothrop Elementary School
  • Neshobe Elementary School
  • Otter Valley Union High School
  • Sudbury Country School

Washington County

  • Barre Town School

Windham County

  • Jamaica Village School
  • Kindle Farm School
  • Leland and Gray UHS
  • Wardsboro Elementary School

Windsor County

  • Prosper Valley School

New Hampshire

Cheshire County

  • Hinsdale Elementary School
  • Hinsdale Middle School
  • Hinsdale High School
  • Coos County – New Hampshire
  • Colebrook Academy
  • Colebrook Elementary
  • Groveton Middle School
  • Groveton High School
  • Groveton Elementary
  • Pittsburg Elementary
  • Pittsburg High School
  • Stark Village School
  • Stewartstown Community School
  • Stratford Public School

Sullivan County

  • Bluff Elementary School
  • Cornish Elementary School
  • Disnard Elementary School
  • Maple Avenue Elementary School
  • Unity Elementary School
  • Claremont Middle School
  • Stevens High School

Fall Mountain Regional School District

  • Acworth Center School
  • Alstead Primary School
  • Sarah Porter School
  • Vilas Middle School
  • Charlestown Primary School
  • Charlestown Middle School
  • North Charlestown Community School
  • Walpole Primary School
  • North Walpole Primary School
  • Walpole Middle School
  • Fall Mountain Regional High School