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New User Instructions and FAQs

With you never have to worry about lost lunch money again. is a secure, easy and convenient way to apply funds directly to your student’s account online. You can even check the account balance and keep an eye on what your student is buying! As an added convenience, parents can receive a Low Balance notification email alerting the parent that the student’s account will need another payment applied soon. has been designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what information you need to provide and to guide you through the process.


Free Premium Membership to all Abbey Group customers!

  • Deposit money with ease using your debit or credit card
  • Flexibility to deposit money into multiple student accounts with one payment
  • View Account Balances
  • View 120 day Meal History
  • Low Balance Notification via email
  • $1.95 fee per transaction
  • Access on Facebook


How To Register An Account With

Retrieve your Students ID Number by contacting Connie Burleson at or (802) 933-4747 ext 25

Once you have your Students ID Number navigate your browser to

Select New User

Scroll down screen to the bottom of registration window and select Start Registration.

For state select Vermont *including NEW HAMPSHIRE and NEW YORK schools


For Bennington County Schools please select SVSU District. *not including Village School of North Bennington

For Fall Mountain District choose New Hampshire and Fall Mountain District

For North Country District choose Vermont and North Country District

For all other schools district select Abbey Group

Create and enter your own User Name and Password

For the Claremont District, select New Hampshire and Claremont District

Enter all other information required

Select Premium Service

Agree to Privacy Policy

Select Register Me

Select Manage Students

Select Add New Student

Enter the Student ID Number you were given. This code is required to verify your student.

Enter your First and Last Name

Select Your School

Select Save

If you would like, you can continue to add more family members at this point

To Save A Credit Card, Checking or Savings Account To Your Profile

Go to Parent Functions

Select Manage Wallet

Select Add New Account

Enter your credit card, checking or savings account information and select Save


To Make An Online Payment

Go to Parent Functions

Select Manage Wallet

Select Make Payment

Enter Payment Amount

Choose a Wallet Account

Click Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Select Make Payment

You’re Done!

You can log directly to to make payment next time.