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The Abbey Group Training Index

The Abbey Group is thorough in its annual training of new and current employees. The following page contains an up-to-date index of all current training materials we have implemented across the company. This list is subject to change, as we are constantly adapting and changing to better suit the needs of our employees and partners.

Food Service DirectorFood Service ManagersFood Service Workers
August (2 days)
Production Records11
Production Records
Production Record Required Information
Sea to School Program
North Coast Seafood Boston MA & The Abbey Group
We’re Proud Members of Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Employee and Food Safety1.51.51.5
Safety Manual
HACCP Manual
Food & Kitchen Safety
Monthly Safety Checklist
Safety Data Sheets
Monthly Directors Checklist
Payroll Systems0.50.50.5
Civil Rights111
VT Civil Rights Training
NH Civil Rights Training
NY Civil Rights Training
MA Civil Rights Training
Offer vs. Serve & Meal Pattern0.50.50.5
Creating New Recipes
Food Budgets & Ordering0.50.50.5
Food Transfer Form
Monthly Inventory & USDA Foods Inventory0.50.5
Buy American Provision
Training Logs & Standards0.50.5
Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool Online
Individual Tracker Sheet
Quick Entry Training Log
Professional Standards Summary
Professional Standards Learning Objectives
Professional Standards Learning Guide
Google Suite11
Google Training
Google Chrome Tips
Monthly Reporting0.50.5
Month End Check List
Enrollment, ADA, & Supper Month End Form
Food Transfer Form
Deposit Sign Off Form
Vending Machine Log
Catering Brochure
Catering Request/Invoice Form
Catering Food & Labor Costing Tool
Catering Labor Log
Catering Function Log
National School Lunch Week Promotion Planning2
Employee Handbook111
Harassment Policy
Employee Safety
Team Work
Social Media Policy
Uniform Policy
Shoes For Crews
Help Wanted Flyer
September (afternoon session)
Local & Procurement0.50.5
P. J. Cranberries, East Sandwich MA0.250.25
USDA Foods Management0.250.25
October (afternoon session)
Promotion Schedule & More
Marketing Signage, Labels, & More0.50.50.5
Harvest of the Month0.50.50.5
New Hampshire Harvest of the Month
New York Harvest of the Month
Massachusetts Harvest of the Month
Vermont Harvest of the Month
Classroom/Grade Created Menus0.50.50.5
Customer Service & Participation Ideas0.50.50.5
December (afternoon session)
Managing Allergies in Schools0.50.50.5
Customer Service, Creating Positive and Pleasant Mealtimes for Schools.
January (afternoon session)
Promotions & Signage
Marketing Signage, Labels, & More0.50.50.5
Offer vs. Serve & Meal Pattern0.50.50.5
National School Breakfast Week Promotion Planning2
February (afternoon session)
Creative Recipes Using USDA Foods!111
Time to Look At USDA Foods For SY 2020!
March (afternoon session)
Review USDA Foods Inventory & Entitlement Balances11
Menu Review, & Innovative Menu Planning & Idea Generation0.50.50.5
Performance vs. Goals, Participation, Food Cost, & Menu Development0.50.50.5
Produce Storage and Handling
April (afternoon session)
Marketing Generation Z111
May (afternoon session)
Review Student Account Balances With District0.50.5
Review End of Year Procedures0.50.50.5
Idea Generation for Next Year, Open Discussion0.50.50.5
Abbey Group Yearly Training Requirements242013.5
USDA Mandate Training Hour Requirements12106