The Abbey group presented to the board last month and Michelle Powers got a standing ovation which was well deserved! She has implemented the new government USDA requirements and this has been no easy task. In the past, there were calorie minimums, larger protein portions and larger grain portions per meal, now, there are calorie maximums, smaller protein portions, smaller grain portions and a new fresh fruit and vegetable snack program. This is an adjustment for our students but we do know that they are getting healthier food and less high caloric foods. The new Fruit and Veggie bar is included in the price of every meal. It often features locally grown produce as well as a rainbow of colors which are fresh and healthy!
Michelle has been partnering with Duchess Farm, owned by Stephen Chamberlain, to purchase this organic, farm to table, healthy produce. Michelle purchases leftover vegetables after the weekend farmers’ market at a greatly reduced cost. This is a win-win for both the school and the farm. Michelle is quick to deflect the attention and acknowledge the fantastic staff that she works with. We appreciate, so much, each and every one of them and what they do to keep our students well nourished and ready to learn.