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At The Abbey Group, we care about your children and whether they are getting a balanced diet. That’s why we opt in to as many of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s programs as possible. Below, you will find a list of programs in which we participate and links to the USDA website to learn more.

Lunch Program

Each day, the National School Lunch Program helps feed millions of children who might not eat otherwise. The program, which are funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), provided low-cost or free lunches to more than 31 million children each day in 2012—according to a fact sheet on the department’s website. As a proud member of of both the breakfast and lunch programs, the Abbey Group has made it our mission to ensure all of our students receive nutritious and delicious meals without causing unnecessary financial burden on their families.

Breakfast Program

The National School Breakfast Program operates much like its lunchtime counterpart. It provides a well-balanced breakfast to students across the country whose families may not be able to afford it otherwise. Here’s a program fact sheet provided by the USDA.

Community Eligibility Program

The Community Eligibility Program (CEP) is a meal service option for schools and school districts in low-income areas—allowing the nation’s highest poverty schools and districts to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to all enrolled students without the burden of collecting household applications.
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Summer Meal Program

Hunger doesn’t end when school does. Through the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program, children from low-income families can get a nutritious and delicious meal in the summertime.
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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Program

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of a child’s diet. That’s why the USDA has pioneered a program to provide free fresh fruits and vegetables to elementary-age students across the country.
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Snack Program

This program allows our schools to offer afterschool snacks to many students. It operates much like the National School Lunch Program.
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Supper Program

Also known as the Child and Adult Care Food Program, the Supper Program provides meals to students in afterschool programs. It’s just one more way that we can ensure our students have a healthy and balanced diet.
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