October 13- 17 was National School Lunch Week  and The Abbey Group celebrated company-wide with contests and giveaways.

The Unity School in New Hampshire took the cafeteria contest and expanded it into their classroom. Sixth – eighth grade Language Arts teacher Jennifer Thompson of the Unity school described the event below:

 The Abbey Group Pumpkin Contest–conceived by Unity Elementary School chef Cheryl Osgood and Math/Science teacher Carol Foley–was as fun as it was educational. Students had to guess the weight of a pumpkin on display, and whoever had the closest guess won the pumpkin. Winner Alicia Truell, seventh grade, was very surprised that she won and describes her educated guess: “I measured the circumference, weighed other objects and compared that to the weight of pumpkin, but I never thought that I would win.”

Students also had to explain in writing how they calculated the weight of the pumpkin, developed questions, and clarified answers to those questions. The projects were to be at least one page. Some of them are going to be given to the Department of Education, so they can be read and admired.  —Alex Taylor, Grade 7, Unity Elementary School, Unity, NH