If you’ve had children in the last 25 years, there is a great likelihood at one time or another they’ve asked for a Lunchable. It seems seductive to purchase, not only would you please a nagging child in a grocery store but if you’re accustomed to packing your child’s lunch, you also wouldn’t have to worry about their lunch for the next day.

But behind the flashy packaging and salivating catch phrases aimed at both parents and children, at $3 a box, are you sure what you are buying your children is really considered lunch-worthy? The intent o this post is not to put down purchasers of this product but rather to reflect on what exactly it is that you’re purchasing.

Lunchables are marketed so that children can build their own mini sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, etc., and though there are upwards of 30+ varieties, the most popular variety usually includes, roughly 8 Ritz crackers, 8 1”X1” pieces of cheese, 8 1”X1” pieces of deli meat, a sugary juice drink such as Capri Sun and a small candy item such as an airhead or Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Not only do Lunchables not offer a very appealing looking product below the packaging, they don’t offer very much nutritional value either. I implore you to take a look at the back of a Lunchables box just to find what exactly is hiding in the seemingly innocent crackers, cheese and meat combo packs with 60+ ingredients.

In Comparison to a school lunch, priced around $2 at the full paid price, Lunchables just don’t stack up.

Lunches served at schools are required by the Federal Government to meet ridged nutrition requirements as a part of a nutritional, well balanced diet. Lunchables are not required and do not meet the federal standards.

Today, every lunch program in the country is required to serve, whole grains, fruits and vegetables with every meal and a limited salt/calorie intake. The Abbey Group always takes it a step further by offering a multitude of offerings, unlimited fruit and vegetables and scratch bake cooking. We pride ourselves on using fresh and local ingredients to make our lunches right on site. Doesn’t make the post picture so appealing, does it?