Although thousands of Vermont children depend on nutritious free and reduced-price meals and snacks at school for 10 months out of the year, just one in seven receive the free meals provided by the Summer Food Service Program during the summer months. That leaves many families in a food gap during the summer and these families often turn to the Foodbank to get the nutritious meals that they need.

Despite this increased need tied to school vacation, donations to food banks slowdown in the summer months.

The Abbey Group is teaming up with the Vermont Food bank to promote awareness of the summer food gap. We are coupling our efforts with a statewide canned good drive at participating locations.

Let’s work together to close the summer lunch gap and make a difference in the lives of children in our community!

What’s at stake?

  • The child who doesn’t have enough to eat isn’t going to do as well in school
  • And is likely to get sick more often
  • They’re less likely to graduate from high school and going to college, which will have a negative impact on their economic future.
  • If this happens, then twenty years from now, they’re much less likely to be able to earn enough to feed their family.