Blue Cross Blue Shield- Congratulations on beating your United Way fundraising Goal.


The gracious employees from BCBS are at it again with fundraising for the United Way. This year along with a 10% match from BCBS, they raised $27,402.00. This beats their goal by $2,000 and their last year’s efforts by $4,000.


The staff at BCBS seem more like family than colleagues to one another and that feeling definitely extended into the cafeteria where our own Tim Boltin of the BCBS Abbey Lane Cafeteria joins in on all of the employee wellness initiatives- a practice that no one at Blue Cross takes lightly. Tim is always tailoring meals to Weight Watchers and specialized health plans as well as joining in on fund raising activities like the United Way campaign.  This year, Tim and Abbey Lane donated a catered dinner party for 6 to help fuel the efforts.


Congratulations to a great staff for a great cause!