A big congratulations to State Capitol Chef Ray Wood for being presented with the Spirit of ADA Award from the Governor’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities.

“This award is presented to individuals and businesses who reflect the spirit of the american with disabilities act in employment practices, including accessibility, recruiting, hiring, accommodating and support of  a persons with disability as an overall employment strategy.

Executive Chef Ray Wood is an employer who as a way of making his employees feel truly valued. while teaching culinary work skills, he also teaches skills that transfer into one’s personal life, going above and beyond to help employees reach their own full potential. when one individual with a disability was seeking a job, Ray Wood offered a tour of the kitchen and in informational interview. this led to a two week work experience and, ultimately, a competitive employment position. Ray Wood demonstrates outstanding respect for the individual, and the willingness, patience, and gentle direction needed to give each employee the opportunity to succeed.”

Ray has been working with us at The Capitol Food Court for over ten years.

Ray Wood Award 2015