Whole Grains Challenge

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With its 4th Annual Whole Grains Challenge, the Whole Grains Council and Oldways salute the chefs, dining directors, and food service operators who are helping to bring whole grain goodness to the center of the plate.

The non-profit Whole Grains Council reviewed scores of entries from workplace cafeterias, restaurants, universities, and schools serving at least one whole grain option daily, including those adding a dash of creative and educational whole grain promotions. At the end of the month-long competition, ten foodservice winners dominated the field.

"Whole grains have increasingly become the norm - the default - everywhere you look," said Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies for the Whole Grains Council and for Oldways, its parent organization, "and nothing illustrates this better than the pioneers and pace-setters who enter the Whole Grains Challenge. Each year the whole grain offerings become more creative, the promotions are more eye-catching, and time after time, we're proud to showcase the many ways nutrition and great taste can be united on a menu."

"The Abbey Food Service Group was the hands-down favorite to win the 'wild card' category. They have provided whole grain products for over 20 years, and earlier this year eliminated all refined grain choices in every food category except for pizza, where they continue to offer the choice of both. In addition to providing parents and students with nutrition education handouts and recipes to try at home, students who sampled various whole grains during a week-long promotion were entered into a drawing for custom-made T-shirts. The Abbey Group also provided their 300+ staff members with custom 'Just Ask for Whole Grains' buttons to wear during the entire month of October."

Click here to learn even more about The Whole Grains Council.

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