About The Abbey Group
Food Services Management

The Abbey Group is a Vermont company located in Franklin County Vermont, in the town of Sheldon. The Abbey Group is a company that provides food services consulting management and catering services to schools, institutions and restaurant services. The Abbey Group employs 340 people in ten counties in Vermont, and several locations in New Hampshire and New York. Our regional management teams consist of Directors of Account Development, Directors of Food Service Management, and Directors of Site Marketing & Design. We have a multi-tiered management structure, enabling us to provide the most comprehensive support to all of our account locations.

The strong emphasis we place on quality control keeps us at the forefront of managing food service accounts. It is through our Continual Account Analysis Program, CAAP, that we are able to perform daily/weekly inspections of every account. This process provides for a continual stream of support to implement our Food Service Business Plans throughout all of our account locations, and allows for greater interaction with school officials and parties to the food services in the school.

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Our Commitment to your School District

The Abbey Group has been an integral contributor to a very high standard of food service programs throughout Vermont and New Hampshire for over two decades. During this time, we have evolved into a company that provides a very high quality food service. We have also introduced new technologies in point of sale systems, established local grower connections to support these food services, and have brought about some of the best improvements in nutritional standards found in any menu configuration today. Our menu configurations are built on change. This has involved communication with the school community we serve. Not only do we have the flexibility to accommodate change, we are chartered to provide change while maintaining the leadership position we have enjoyed in the past.


No one is more committed to community than our team members supporting your school. Every member of the Abbey Team is involved in school action committees, wellness committees, facilities, community groups, and personal commitments outside of the school's community. These include local boards, fire departments, field days, agriculture organizations and many community events sponsored by the Abbey Group.


The Abbey Group is extremely committed to providing high quality meals that exceed state and federal nutritional standards. Our menus exceed these nutritional standards because we incorporate fresh, local produce, we listen to recommendations from schoolsÕ nutrition committees, and provide many low fat choices every day to your students. Our nutrition education program 'Eat Smart, Play Hard' teaches fourth grade classes the importance of healthy eating and the critical role exercise plays in learning and living well.

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Variety & Value

The Abbey Group provides the greatest choices of menu offerings every day to its students and staff. You will not have to look too far to find other schools offering less, and paying more. We have maintained a tradition of holding the line on prices charged to your students and adult staff alike. It is a very difficult time for families who are still purchasing their children's lunch. So, our priority is to maintain a well-managed food service program that is fiscally responsible, reduces waste, while maintaining the quality and selection of food we offer daily.

Technology Support Services

The Abbey Group has always provided the latest in technology to all of our food service. Your School District is no exception. We have maintained computerized point of sale systems since day one. We have recently upgraded the systems we have in all our School Districts with a web based point of sale system that allows parents to go on line, view their child's account activity, and place money into their child's school food service account. We were first in the state to implement computerized point of sales systems many years ago, and now one of the first to integrate the web based systems into our accounts. All maintenance and upkeep are provided by the Abbey Group for these systems and are fully expensed out of the food services without any cost to the school's taxpayers.

Through this web based, innovative process, we have also computerized all employees to track their time and better manage our labor resources.

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Abbey Group Q&A

Who are our customers?

Our customers are a full representation of the typical schools found anywhere in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. They range in size from 75 students to 4500 students. Our customers include cafeteria locations in elementary and high schools, The Vermont State House, and corporate cafeterias such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont.

What are our customers' typical needs?

In addition to all the food service programs we bring into the schools, we are very active in supporting local growers, interacting with food service advisory groups, rewriting and upgrading nutrition policies, and being proactive in all initiatives the school wishes us to be a part of.

Why do our customers choose us?

The Abbey Group's reputation for 'we can do', has generated a following of supporters that crosses state lines. We have started up many new districts and schools in Vermont and New Hampshire this past year, and we have exceeded both our expectations and the expectations of the schools we serve. Our innovations have no equal and have garnered the highest participation rates found anywhere in New England.

What sets The Abbey Group
apart from other companies?

The Abbey Group's average participation for all accounts combined currently stands at 68%. The Vermont state average is 51%. How do we achieve these results? Hard work, an innate desire to bring about the best in the food service programs we deliver, a very dedicated group of Food Service Directors in the field supporting our accounts, training programs that are unmatched by other agencies, and a very strong will to succeed.

Dishing Up Local!

Our food comes from farms in your neighborhood, supplying us with locally grown and produced goods.

Your School!

The Abbey Group in your school! Your Menu, Lunch PrePay, and Food Service Policies, it's all here.

Going Green!

We support school's efforts to "go green" and are focused on creating sustainable food service programs.


The Abbey Group provides nutritious and affordable meals for young, learning minds.